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Introducing Elument: Trailblazing the Future of Mental Health and Wellness

Nashville, TN - October 24th, 2023 - Elument, a trailblazer in mental health & wellness services, is proud to enter the market with an integrative approach to transformative healing by combining traditional practices with medicinal integration. Elument unlocks new pathways of transformation and embodies a commitment to the essential elements of well-being, aiming to provide a safe, evidence-based, and inclusive experience for all. 


Elument represents a profound shift from conventional medicine towards integrative health and wellness, where medicine is harnessed in conjunction with therapy to unlock a journey of healing.  Elument’s practice offers groundbreaking mental health and wellness services, specializing in psychedelic medicine and focusing on a whole-person approach to enhance well-being. 


President Shannon Eubanks expressed her enthusiasm for this transformative brand, stating, “ In light of the growing mental health crisis, it is imperative that those in distress or struggling with treatment-resistant disorders are offered a lifeline of support and care. Our commitment is focused on supporting individuals on their unique journey as they gain insight into different aspects of themselves.” 


There has never been a greater need for innovation in mental health services, with the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring mental health disorders as the leading cause of disability worldwide - impacting nearly one billion people. Elument stands at the forefront of innovation in mental health, on a mission to pioneer solutions, offering hope and transformative healing to the Nashville community.


Elument has established roots in the greater Nashville area, but this is just the beginning of its groundbreaking journey. "Access to care is of the utmost importance to us, and we plan to take Elument to new horizons,” shared Shannon. The vision extends beyond Nashville, as Elument will strive to make transformative healing accessible to a wider community, ultimately redefining the future of mental health.


About Elument: 


Elument is a trailblazer in innovative mental health and wellness and is dedicated to providing safe transformative services for its clients. Elument's team of highly trained clinicians are committed to evidence-based treatments that foster harmony and healing in mind, body, and spirit. Elument provides cutting-edge mental health and wellness services, with a specialization in psychedelic therapy, taking an individualized approach by promoting sustained well-being and addressing the needs of the whole person. By harnessing the expertise of clinicians paired with innovative therapies, Elument helps individuals rediscover their innate ability to heal. 


Elument invites you to step into your element and embark on a journey to unlock your boundless potential enabling profound healing, personal growth, and lasting transformation. Visit our website at or follow Elument on LinkedIn to learn more about this innovative approach to mental health.


For media inquiries, please contact Shannon Eubanks at

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