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welcome to the future of therapy and wellness

Step into your elument and embark on a journey to unlock your boundless potential.

who we are

Elument is a modern mental health and wellness team that offers innovative mental health and wellness care, specializing in psychedelic-assisted therapies in a safe and healing environment.


Our highly trained clinicians are committed to the latest evidence-based treatments that foster healing and harmony across the realms of the mind-body-spirit.

where we help


Chronic Pain

Integrating previous psychedelic experiences

Treatment resistant mental health disorders

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Addictions

Personal growth through conscious exploration

who we help

Individuals seeking relief from Depression, Anxiety, Unresolved Trauma/PTSD, Addictions

Individuals suffering with treatment resistant mental health disorders

Individuals seeking personal growth through conscious exploration

Individuals needing support integrating  psychedelic experiences

Individuals suffering from chronic pain

Couples seeking support in their relationship


Elument is a trailblazer in integrative mental health and wellness. We are dedicated to providing safe transformative services 

for our clients and referral partners.

about us

what we offer

Psychedelic Services

Offering innovative and effective therapy techniques to those seeking relief from a variety of mental health conditions.

Therapy Services

Our team of highly-trained clinicians offer Trauma Therapy, Somatic Therapy, EMDR, ACT, and CBT.

Medication Management

Psychiatric medication management is a vital aspect of mental health care. We are working towards offering this service in the near future.

 In light of the growing mental health crisis, it is imperative that those in distress or struggling with treatment-resistant disorders are offered a lifeline of support and care. Our commitment is focused on supporting individuals on their unique journey as they gain insight into different aspects of themselves.

Shannon Eubanks, PharmD

President, Elument

find the light in you

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